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We have provided Professional Grading and land leveling services to our clients for over 40 years

1- Excavation/ Clear and Grub the site/ Tree Removal:
Removal of all the vegetation from the new construction site with our professional equipment and hauling off to dump site.

2- Sub-Grade:
Preparation of the construction site and building pads, sub grading, finish grading and compacting to a proper density for the aggregates.

3- Grading:
Aggregate Base Installation to the appropiate thickness, using our own grader and compacting to the proper density to allow the drainage of the waters to the catch basin.

4- Concrete Demolition:
Driveways, Foundations, Slabs, Walls, etc.

5- Swimming Pool Demolition:
Backfill as well.

6- Compaction:
Trench Compaction Vibratory Hand Compaction.

7- Demolition:

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Moshe Elkayam and his team has performed work for many of the top Construction and Paving Companies across the country.